Morgan Hill

Artist Morgan Hill’s formal art education began at Memphis College of Art where she focused in drawing. After a couple of years, her desire for design literacy led her to study interior and furniture design thus earning her a BFA in Furniture Design and Woodworking from the University of Arkansas Little Rock. After a year assisting Mia Hall and working as the Creative Director of the ESSE Purse Museum, she completed a two-year fellowship at Penland School of Crafts where she studied under Stoney Lamar, Brent Skidmore, Vivian Beer, and Rachel Meginnes. In the last five years, Morgan has been included in exhibits at Asheville Art Museum (North Carolina), Southwest University of Visual Art (New Mexico), Alabama Center for Architecture, and numerous private collections.

Morgan likes watching cult and horror movies in search of surprise and in contrast to her daily tasks. She is entirely too enthusiastic about costume competitions, the next bash she will throw, 80’s R&B, and never ceasing to learn something new. When she is not doing those things, she is creating objects and installations that share her passion for living an unusual life.

Inspired by her upbringing in the South, television and film, and a longing to break the silence surrounding problematic subjects, Morgan’s work seeks to understand our censure around corporeal termination. Building narratives that leave the viewer orphaned in a mix of conflicted feelings, thoughts, and questions, her work brings deserved recognition to the topics of death and destruction.

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