S Tector Earrings: Extra Large Hex Studs

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With a design philosophy of “less is more,” Sarah Tector utilizes metals such as sterling silver, platinum, and gold (among other mixed metals) to create minimalist, unique jewelry pieces. Her aim is to let one element of the piece stand out. The result is lightweight, contemporary pieces that easily compliment a range of tastes and style aesthetics. “In a nutshell: blow torches are cool, robots rock, and I hope the world never runs out of queso dip.”

Make a statement in these simple yet bold stud earrings handmade by Sarah Tector! These earrings unique earrings have horizontal dimension from the opening of the hexagon, making them an eye-catching choice. Lightweight sterling silver and linear detail make the Large Hex Studs a great everyday staple. Tector’s minimalist design allows her craftsmanship shine!

  • Size: .25" across x .5" tall x .5" deep
  • Material: sterling silver