Wanda's Time-Traveling Taste Tour of SoMa Little Rock

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Hosted by: ESSE Purse Museum and Store in collaboration with The Mighty Rib

 On Saturday, October 28, prepare to embark on a culinary journey through SoMa as we explore this historic district through the eyes of the beloved character, Wanda. If you've wandered through SoMa lately, you've surely noticed the Wanda banners gracing the streets. These banners celebrate ESSE Purse Museum’s 10th Anniversary by honoring its home – SoMa. The banners list the birthdates of the neighborhood's iconic buildings but also personify the spirit of Wanda, an embodiment of ESSE Purse Museum and Store.

Join us for an unforgettable evening guided by The Mighty Rib’s Kevin Shalin, Elizabeth Michael with SoMa 501 and the ESSE team, where we'll combine the rich history of SoMa Little Rock with the delightful flavors that define its past and present.


Event Itinerary:

5:00 PM - Community Bakery

Our adventure commences at the Little Rock institution Community Bakery. Here, we'll delight in a tempting bite and a refreshing sip to set the stage for an evening of exploration and discovery.


6:00 PM - Raduno

Continuing our journey through time and taste, we'll make our way to Raduno. Here, we'll indulge in a delicious dinner that expertly blends the flavors of SoMa's history with its vibrant culinary present. Enjoy a refreshing mocktail, side salad and Raduno’s famous Chicken Parmesan Pasta entrée.


7:00 PM - Loblolly Creamery

As we approach the conclusion of our adventure, we'll treat ourselves to the sweet delights of Loblolly Creamery. Their ice cream and sweet treats provide the perfect ending to our culinary tour. It's an opportunity to satisfy your sweet tooth while reflecting on SoMa’s history and culture.


Throughout this captivating journey, we'll gain insights into the history of SoMa Little Rock through a uniquely feminine lens, guided by Wanda's spirit and the compelling stories of the neighborhood's historic buildings. This experience is not just about savoring delicious food; it's also a chance to deepen your appreciation for the cultural tapestry of SoMa.

 Don't miss out on this exclusive experience that seamlessly weaves together history, delectable cuisine, and the enduring spirit of Wanda. Join us for "Wanda's Time-Traveling Taste Tour of SoMa," where every bite transports you to a different era, and every moment celebrates the past and present of this charming neighborhood. Secure your spot now and be a part of this memorable adventure!