Sorcery Science Scented Earrings: Vanilla

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Sorcery Science harnesses the power, complexity, and beauty of nature in all of their designs. Inspired by the science in the world around them they look to things both on a microscopic and cosmic scale to create their unique designs. Handmade in Pittsburg.

Smell as good as you look with these unique, aromatic accents! These earrings are the perfect unique gift for aromatherapy enthusiasts, florists, or lovers of flowers. Not only do these earrings represent the molecule responsible for lily flowers' scent, but the wood itself is also infused with the fragrance oil for lily so that they smell like the molecule they represent! 

  • Size: 2" drop from ear x 1"
  • Silhouette: hook style dangle earrings
  • Material: sterling silver and wood
  • Special Feature: smells like the compound it represents!