Private Appointment

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Private appointments are now available! For the price of general admission to the museum ($10 per person), you can now make a reservation and have the VIP experience! Up to ten people (of your choosing) may visit as a group for an appointment that includes visiting the museum as well shopping in the Store for 90 minutes! Need more time? No problem! Just write how much time you think you will need in the "Order Note" section.

Picture it: You and up to nine of your friends will have the Store and Museum TO YOURSELVES (aside from two staff)! Now who’s fancy? YOU!

Whether it’s 10 people or 2 (for just $10 apiece) by making a Private Appointment, you are securing an experience like no other! When was the last time you got to choose not just who you shop with, but who’s allowed in the store or museum space?!

Please allow 24-48 hour notice before scheduling your appointment.