Inteplei Earrings: B & W Cluster

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Exploring form structure and balance, Inteplei jewelry draws inspiration from nature, architecture, music, and solitude. Designing pieces that work with the wearer, creating rhythm by the simplest means. Made from precious and non-precious materials, the artist (Laura Hutchcroft) utilizes techniques such as sawing, filing and shaping, allowing her to stay in contact with the pieces. 
Take conventional hoop earrings and turn up the artistic volume! Dual-layered silver hexagons with a hint of black contrast make these sterling silver earrings a bold statement in minimalist design. The sheen of the silver is eye-catching and the hint of black adds an element of additional interest to these earrings that can easily go from day to night
  • Size: 2" drop x 1.5" wide 
  • Silhouette: hook dangle earrings
  • Material: sterling silver and rubber tubbing
  • Special Features: both hexagons dance and dangle beautifully on the ear.
Inteplei Earrings: B & W Cluster-ESSE Purse Museum & Store
Inteplei Earrings: B & W Cluster-ESSE Purse Museum & Store