In-Zu Bag: Dress

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With a unique, asymmetrical re-imagining of the classic shoulder bag, the Dress bag is created to compliment the wearer with femininity, softness, and function. Though the interior of the bag can be accessed from the top like the typical shoulder bag, look to the side for a large zipper in the fold of the bag for the best entry to the interior. On the opposite side of the exterior, hidden again in the artistic fold of the design, is another zipper to a deep pocket separate from the interior, perfect for keeping your phone, wallet, and keys easily accessible with the zipper almost hidden from view. Perfect for traveling when you want your items secure among the busy streets and public transport.

  • Size: 16" wide x 23" tall (from top of handle) x 8" deep
  • Silhouette: shoulder bag


In-Zu Bag: Dress-ESSE Purse Museum & Store
In-Zu Bag: Dress-ESSE Purse Museum & Store