Fair Anita Earrings: Double Moon

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Partnering with women in over 16 countries, Fair Anita strives to provide its workers with economic security and a lifetime trade. “We are women investing in other women.” By investing and supporting the female artisans through fair trade practices, women are able to become more self-sufficient, no matter their geography. Every piece is handmade and with every purchase, you are improving the lives of women across the world.

These earrings could become the new classic piece of your jewelry collection! What better than a handmade and fair trade item?

  • Alpaca silver or gold tone earrings.
  • Handmade by women outside of Taxco, Mexico.
  • Measures 2". 
  • Please note that these earrings are hand-soldered, meaning you'll likely see some slight color variation where the metals are joined together.  It's part of what makes them handmade! 
Fair Anita Earrings: Double Moon-ESSE Purse Museum & Store
Fair Anita Earrings: Double Moon-ESSE Purse Museum & Store