How to be a Moonflower Card Deck

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Each of the 78 cards feature Daisy's night-themed artwork and a prompt to engage with the unique inspirational power of the evening hours: Listen for night sounds, read a book by candlelight, or draw a recent dream. Pick a card each night as a ritual or select one when you feel called to reflect, create, or adventure. An immersion in nature's nighttime wonders—star fields, night-blooming flowers, and more—this deck is a lovely gift for those who thrive in the moonlight.

New York Times bestselling author of How to Be a Wildflower and How to Be a Moonflower, Katie Daisy is known for her lush illustrations inspired by nature's wild beauty. She has a loyal following on Instagram, where she frequently posts new vibrant artwork.

UNIQUE APPROACH TO SELF-CARE: Combining the power of affirmation cards with the energy of action prompts, this portable deck helps you mindfully capture the magic of the night anytime or anywhere.

GREAT GIFT OR SELF-GIFT: Depicting lunar phases, constellations, moonlit gardens, and other treasures of the natural world at night, these cards are a sweet gift for nature lovers and anyone who seeks answers or inspiration from artwork.