Featured Exhibits

Here at ESSE, we’re always striving to bring new and interesting exhibits on the objects, moments, and memories that make up part of the American woman’s story. Take a moment to check out what we currently have housed here at the museum.

New exhibit to recognize museum donors, their remembrances

ESSE Purse Museum’s new exhibit celebrates – and thanks – the many patrons whohave donated beloved items to the museum’s eclectic collection.“Remembrances:History seen through entrusted objects” opens Tuesday, Feb. 19, and runs through May 5.

A special evening reception Thursday, March 14, from 5:30-7:30 will add a festive touchto the exhibit’s run.

Though too many people have donated belongings to show something from each one,“Remembrances” highlights the variety of donations, featuring purses, their contents,hats, shoes, paper dolls, photographs, sewing kits and more. Some items date to thelate 1800s.

Although some things are donated by their owners, most are given by family membersto honor a loved one’s memory. All items help create a tangible history of women.

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