The Esse Store is curated to offer local to international handbag, jewelry and accessory designers. This allows for unique styles and materials to populate our inventory, setting Esse apart from the traditional boutique or department store finds. While there are well-known lines like Matt and Nat, MyWalit and Mary Frances available, there are many makers and techniques we can introduce you to, like Ando's Shibori bags from Japan.

Shibori is a manual fabric dyeing technique dating back to the 8th​​ century in Japan. Not only is the specific Shibori technique dependent on the desired design but also on the fabric being used. There are many specific Shibori techniques to create random, tie-dye effects (Kanoko Shibori) and a more precise technique (Kumo Shibori) that requires great precision to a create spider-e design. A characteristic of this technique is also a raised and wrinkled surface on the finished work. This leaves the cloth feeling voluminous because of these raised dots and wrinkles.

Founded in 1923 in Kyoto, Japan, Ando uses traditional Shibori techniques to create “products as beautiful as jewels.” Maintaining Japanese Shibori design is vital to their aesthetic and manufacturing process. We have several styles of Shibori bags from Ando in-store, including the ones pictured here!