At Esse Purse Museum and Store, it may come as no surprise that we love handbags and have a wide variety for purchase in our Store in Little Rock and online. However, our passion for featuring creative and unique design is not limited to clutches and carryalls! We also offer a varied selection of jewelry, curated to focus on casual pieces, fine jewelry and truly wearable art. One such artist, Christina Goodman, creates pieces that are an exceptional representation of the union of Renaissance-inspired art and hand-crafted pieces sure to be a stand out in any collection.

Born in Pisa, Italy and raised in D.C. and New Orleans, Christina Goodman’s background combines fine art, fashion and a special focus on 14th​​-16th​​ century gilding, painting and framing techniques from the Renaissance. Starting her own design business in 1990, Goodman’s miniatures and jewelry merge artistic history and modern design to create pieces as refined as they are elegant. With a miniature brush comparative to the size of one bristle, good lighting and a magnifying glass, Goodman creates these tiny masterpieces with intricate detail to rival large acrylic works.

A Goodman necklace in our store, a raven portrait, shows her enthusiasm for Renaissance painting and the centuries-old tradition of miniature masterpieces. She studied photographs of ravens extensively, stating, "Visually, the feathers are incredible, the patterns," said Goodman "A little bit of a mischievous quality. … I guess they look a little bit proud."