“I get ideas about what’s essential when packing my suitcase.” Diane Von Furstenberg

It’s mid-March and with the longer hours of daylight, we have more time to enjoy the outdoors and think about the IMPORTANT things in life… like SPRING BREAK and upcoming getaways! Whether you have just a weekend or are lucky enough to have an entire week (or more!) of vacation time, even a night away can energize you for the inevitable return to real life.

When checking items off your travel “To Do” list, like visiting unique museums (Esse, Hello?), one of the most overwhelming tasks can be packing. Decisions like “How many shoes is TOO MANY, really?” “Where will I put all these hotel shampoos?” “I’m carrying it, so it MUST be a carry-on item, right?” can become paramount to the enjoyment of the travel experience.

Although we cannot convince the airline that your turtle, Coco Chanel Madonna Streisand, is in fact a service animal, we have lots of items that will make your vacation preparation more fashionable and functional. Check out these items to make the most of your packing and travel adventures!


Tonic- Australia- The Cube, The Organizer, The Essential Hanging Bag 

 These great organizers are made for travel with lots of interior compartments and expandable features that allow for maximum storage with minimum hassle!


Lavender Sachet Set by K. Studio

Even the most organized traveler needs to keep clothing smelling fresh! Throw one of these pillows of scented goodness in your bag and off you go!


Global Girlfriends Reusable 3-Tote Set

 Made from salvaged rice bags in Cambodia, these 3-Tote Sets are a shopper’s dream while traveling! Carry all your souvenirs in one of the three funky totes and when you’re ready to head home, simply roll them up, secure with the button closure and put them in the zippered tote pouch for convenient storage.


Flip and Tumble Travel Pouches (Set of 5)

Do you need help when organizing your travel items? These pouches, made from recycled water bottles, have a “key” for your 5-pouch set, making organization a breeze!


Alchemy Goods Mini Dopp Kit

Going on a road trip? Why not take something road-tested?! Made from truck and bicycle inner tubes in Seattle, Alchemy Goods has a wide range of travel-friendly accessories like this mini dopp kit.