Art student Annie Oh is happy to participate in what she calls "a very cool project." A transplant from Little Rock, Annie moved to Chicago just last year.
"I live right in downtown and work part time as an assistant for a law firm, so I'm always having to be on my feet."
For her, that means "having headphones is essential, and a good book comes in handy when waiting for/on the train."

We knew this little project had the makings of a hit – after all, who can resist a peek at how others live? Or a peek into a woman's secret space?

We suspected you'd be generous about sharing. And it's so much fun for us at ESSE to have that be true. Thank you, thank you.

So, without further ado, our eighth (!) installment.

Friend of ESSE Marsha Stone is a baby boomer and fellow collector. L.A.-born and raised, Marsha retired from her management career in public service for the City of Los Angeles and moved to Little Rock.
"I've always been a lover of an eclectic array of fashions, but one thing I rarely leave home without is this original Louis Vuitton bag!"

Charlotte Angele describes herself as "a ragin' Cajun who's always ready to make a run for the Louisiana border." She needs a purse-full of tools at her disposal to keep her fellow girls in black at the Chanel counter at Dillard's in Little Rock in line.

If you'd like to join the fun, please send a clear, medium resolution photo (no whopper files, please) to with the subject line "ESSE Purse Project." Make sure the photo includes your purse and its contents artfully displayed (feel free to censor/omit embarrassing or identifying contents).

Please specify whether you want to share your full name, first name, city – or some other category such as age, job title, mother of three. But if you want to be totally anonymous, that's fine, too.

We'd love for you to describe any meaningful or important items you carry, if you're so moved, and/or to describe the bag itself. But, again, that's optional.

Please also include this statement:  "I give The ESSEntial Blog full permission to use this photo."

Keep those photos coming, ladies. See you soon!