Pulaski County Treasurer and friend of ESSE Debra Buckner was happy to bare her soul for our purse project. You can see from the contents of her golden bag that she's a woman prepared for anything.[/caption]

And we're back with another installment of our purse project. What fun this has turned out to be! Things have already gotten so interesting that we're turning the blog version into a hard copy – as in a scrapbook that museum guests can peruse.

Nora Nehls, a retired grandmother of several (and great-grandmother of one!), made the move from rural living in Selah, Washington, to hip Ballard in Seattle, where she's living life to the fullest. Her small cross body bag works well with all the walking she does these days.[/caption]

We so appreciate you taking time to play the game, prove our theory, share your secrets.

Laura of North Little Rock works in the Pediatric Cardiology Office at Arkansas Children's Hospital. She shares her story so well:
"I'm a new momma, so my purse either directly or, inadvertently, revolves around Clementine and my step-daughter Hannah.
"Of course you have hair-bows and an extra pacifier, but you also have WIC vouchers and paid off medical bills. I think I keep those as a reminder of what all goes in to having our sweet girls, and that I'd never change it for the world, no matter how many scraps of paper I have to keep.
"Also, you can see I have NO cash. We bought fundraiser chocolate bars from Hannah's elementary school, so I'm pawning them off on anyone craving chocolate.

"I feel this bag is bottomless, as I find new things I thought I had lost everyday. She's a tried and true resale shop find that I would be lost with or without!"

If you'd like to join the fun, please send a clear, medium resolution photo (no whopper files, please) to with the subject line "ESSE Purse Project." Make sure the photo includes your purse and its contents artfully displayed (feel free to censor/omit embarrassing or identifying contents).

Please specify whether you want to share your full name, first name, city – or some other category such as age, job title, mother of three. But if you want to be totally anonymous, that's fine, too.

We'd love for you to describe any meaningful or important items you carry, if you're so moved, and/or to describe the bag itself. But, again, that's optional.

Please also include this statement:  "I give The ESSEntial Blog full permission to use this photo."

Until next time ...