Marie-Noelle Hardy of Los Angeles is a single career woman. Her dual citizenship – Swiss and U.S. – has allowed her to live in both places; though she's lived half her life in Switzerland, you'd be hard-pressed to tell by her purse's contents. Essentials are essentials in the high-tech world.

This installation of The ESSE Purse Project is a family affair: Two step-sisters, Liz Hall and Marie-Noelle Hardy, and their sister-in-law, Elizabeth Hall, are willing to give peeks into their essentials – into what makes them tick. All are in their mid-30s.

In case you're new to the project, the concept is this:  We believe you can get a feel for a woman's personality and lifestyle through the contents of her purse, as well as from the purse itself.

Elizabeth Hall, a working mother of two from North Little Rock, has streamlined the contents of her handbag, keeping it tidy and to the point. She does, however, admit to supplementing heavily with her Vera Bradley diaper bag.

If you'd like to join the fun, please send a clear, medium resolution photo (no whopper files, please) to with the subject line "ESSE Purse Project." Make sure the photo includes your purse and its contents artfully displayed (feel free to censor/omit embarrassing or identifying contents).

Please specify whether you want to share your full name, first name, city – or some other category such as age, job title, mother of three. But if you want to be totally anonymous, that's fine, too. Please also include this statement:  "I give The ESSEntial Blog full permission to use this photo."

Until next time ...