Jerrie Alexander is a published writer, the mother of one, and thegrandmother of a
"16-year-old fashionista who picked out this purse." Jerrie says she is happy to share her "girlie" purse.
Her ESSEntial items are her note pad, tissues,
ballpoint pen and wallet.

We're happy to present another installment of the ESSE Purse Project, this one featuring a  grandmother's tidy and fashionable purse (picked out by her teenage granddaughter) and a couple of very busy young women's uber-everything bags.

Fun, fun! We love getting a peek inside others' lives and essences – don't you?

Lisa S., 36, is a Texas native residing in Little Rock. A self-proclaimed "all-around tech junkie," she works as a pricing analyst, and adds that she took this photo at work, hence the desk, mousepad and keyboard.
Lisa has kindly included a detailed guide to the items she carries, which we'll list below.
"I think I'll have to cut back on my purse content somewhere as this new sakroots by The Sak Artist Circle Clear Small Tote in White Peace is chock full."

Amazingly, Lisa has managed to fit the all following items in her Mary Poppins-like magic bag.
7 hair tie bands
5 hair scrunchies
5 Micro USB Chargers
4 different brands lip gloss
4 different brands lotion
4 keychains (2 with multiple keys)
3 pens
3 coca-cola bottle caps (for the my coke rewards numbers)
2 sharpies
2 containers Beano (since combined into 1)
2 headsets
2 flashlights
mutliple Nexcare bandage strips held together with a small gold metal binder clip
RFID safe wallet
2002 Mattel HotWheels Corvette Stingray
Wal-zyr allergy meds
BC Powders
facial tissues
BioTrue contact lens solution
Orbit Cinnamon Gum
Too many coupons to name
Altoids, cinnamon (of course)
8GB USB Eraser thumb drive
Mophie Powerstation Mini
WesternDigital 1Tb external hard drive
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
Victoria Secret travel sized Coconut Passion fragrance mist
small swivel mirror
Hello Kitty button
"My name is Candice. I'm a wife, a mother and a data analyst. My purse is my catchall for my life and my boys fear to reach into it - there's no telling what will come out to nibble on their fingers! Today, though it's pretty basic - for me at least."
She adds that her friend Lisa (of the overflowing tote bag) talked her into this. "Lucky for her (and me) today my purse its actually fairly clean and not overflowing with a bajillion receipts, notes and kids toys!"
What it does hold: Wallet, Glucose Tablets, Cologne, Lip Gloss, Lip Balm, 3 Lipsticks, 2 Sets keys, Pedometer, 3 scrunchies, 2 bobby pins, 2 hair clips, Key Card, Cell Phone, 5 pens, 2 bouncy balls, Rubber band bracelet made by my son, Jolly Rancher, Movie tickets, 2 Listerine breath strips, Joann Fabric coupons, 3 lighters, $1.30 in change, Allergy medicine and Boy Scouts Camp Cards.
"Whew," Candice adds

We'd love to have you join the fun – it's extremely easy to do. Simply email with the subject line "ESSE Purse Project."  Photos should be as square as possible and, if shot with a cellphone, emailed “actual size.” If shot with a camera, please send them with a resolution of 300.

Please  be sure to add ”I give The ESSE Purse Museum full permission to use this photo.”

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