Welcome to episode 12 of the ESSE Purse Project. We hope you enjoy the little glimpses into others' lives as much as we do – and we so appreciate all of you who've participated so far!

First for this installment is Samantha Schelman's Elk Accessories bag, which has been her "go-to bag" for about a year.

Samantha Schelman, 26, is a "grants coordinator and field assistant (i.e., I work to preserve some of Arkansas's rarest plants and animals!)" When it comes to her Elk Accessories bag:" I love its rustic feel and prefer to carry only a handful of items when I'm on the go, such as Tata Harper's Be Adored lip treatment. I can't get enough of her truly all-natural skincare line made in Vermont!

We have to agree that it's quite a cutie.

Chassity Jordan is another gal on the go who has got it down to the basics.

Chassity Jordan, 27, is a graphic designer. "In hopes of keeping things simple, I pack light. I'm good with the essentials: phone, wallet, lip stick/balm/tinted balm (lips are important), fragrance pencil, hand lotion, chewing gum and sunnies. My keys are missing, but they're usually included."

Jessica DeLoach Sabin of Little Rock is a political analyst and writer. She sent us a fab photo of her current favorite handbag

Jessica DeLoach Sabin's current favorite bag ...

and another of its contents. That's a well-packed purse!

Jessica DeLoach Sabin describes her purse's contents well: "My iPhone + charger; the hourly planner that keeps my life together; an ever-expanding bundle of business cards from strangers, acquaintances and friends; an assortment of colorful pens; an mini-mergency kit that includes the tiniest bottle of hairspray I've ever seen; makeup + brushes; random jewelry (+ one piece that belongs to my beloved grandmother); chocolate; perfume; car keys; one to four thumb drives; the occasional motivational message from a fortune cookie; library cards; and one or two books. "This week's book is one of the best book's I ever read: 'Informing the News' by Thomas E. Patterson. Oh, did I mention chocolate?"

And that concludes this episode. We can't wait to have another, but that depends on your participation.

We'd love to have you join the fun and it's extremely easy to do. Simply send a clear, medium resolution photo (no whopper files, please) to with the subject line "ESSE Purse Project." Make sure the photo includes your purse and its contents artfully displayed (feel free to censor/omit embarrassing or identifying contents).

Please specify whether you want to share your full name, first name, city – or some other category such as age, job title, mother of three. But if you want to be totally anonymous, that's fine, too.

We'd love for you to describe any meaningful or important items you carry, if you're so moved, and/or to describe the bag itself. But, again, that's optional.

Please also include this statement:  "I give The ESSEntial Blog full permission to use this photo."

Until next time …