This short and sweet episode is brought to you by the color black.

Susan Williams, 60, is an antique dealer in Bristol, Va. Though the light in the photo makes is look silver, she says her Banana Republic leather Hobo bag is actually black. Though her bag is quite roomy, today she is going with only the essentials: a wallet, keys, her business checkbook, sunglasses, hand lotion and lipstick. Now that's a well-stocked bag.

Though the first photo is deceptively lighted, today we feature three black bags – a timelessly classic staple of most women's purse collections. But each is as different as its owner, and one owner leaves room to carry a rather unusual item when the need arises.

Another seems to be a packing efficiency expert, as you can tell by the contents and the smallish size of her purse.

Chanel girl Sunny Kraus, as her name suggests, is considered an absolute ray of sunshine by her customers, coworkers and friends. As you can see, she carries a pile of "functionality" wherever she goes.

Chanel girl Constance Canfield is a self-described "makeup artist and drag ambassador." She says she changes purses frequently but "always leaves room for a beer. "

What color is your go-to bag? Wouldn't you like to show us?

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